“V” for Victory!

This photo was taken March 2nd, 2011… the day I was being released from hospital after operation #3.  I was so excited to have the colostomy reversed succesfully, now I can poop and toot like everyone else!  The way we were born to!  Take that cancer, I’m being cut open on my terms, not yours.  This body belongs to me.  My appendix was also removed at this time, doc said it was in his way and I didn’t need it anyway.  He removed it to save me any issues in the future.  You can’t see it here because of the huge smile on my face, but I am in great pain with a huge vertical incision from my lower rib area down to you know where.  Also a horizontal incision beside my belly button about 5 inches long where my colostomy was.  The best words to describe this photo…. ” I am beating cancer!” and “Hurts so good”