T’was the night before…

Well, the night is here. Only one more sleep before I learn more information as to which road I will be heading down for this journey back into cancer land. I will be taking the hour’s drive to London tomorrow to visit two hospitals. Hospital #1 is to meet with the surgeon for MRI results and to get close and personal with my liver on screen. Hospital #2 is to meet with my oncologist to talk about chemo and all the crap that goes with it.

So today I took my therapy into my own hands and did things my way. This afternoon was bright and sunny. A very cool, well okay, I admit, a cold 40 degree farenheit kind of day. First I took control of my curly ringlets and spent almost one hour with my hair straightener to achieve a sleek straight look. I sure look different and I think I love it. Since I purchased my fun car I haven’t had the opportunity to let my hair blow in the wind with the top down for one simple reason. No hair or not enough hair.

Well soon enough the hair will go away again so I treated myself to the breeze. Yep, that was me. A cold winter day today, a crazy nut driving with the top down, music loud and loving every chilly minute of it. I felt alive and totally aware of the moment. Now that’s my kind of medicine. Destination: Ice cream I picked up a friend to join me. Thank you to Sue for being the cherry on top of my day. I love you too.

ps. To all those fellow drivers that saw me out on the road today, yes, I am crazy. Crazy fun. Crazy cancer survivor.