Plan of attack…

Well, turns out my liver hates me and likes cancer more and my right lung might be in coohoots with it. The MRI confirmed that there are 2 tumours in the liver and there is a spot on my lung that cannot be confirmed if cancer or not since it is less than 1 cm. (it’s 8 mm) which isn’t far off. So the unconfirmed lung issue is the good news.

Back to the tumours. They are new ones. They are located in two different spots. One is in the left lobe and one is in the caudate (middle/deap) lobe. One is slightly bigger than an inch, the other is slightly less than an inch. Both are tricky to get at, one more so than the other. They are located right beside my two remaining hepatic veins (one vein was removed when my right lobe was removed) In short form and non-doctor words, it is too risky to operate right now simply because of their size and locations. It kind of looks like they are piggy backing right on the veins and sandwiched between them. The plan is to begin chemotherapy for two months and hope that my body responds to the poison and shrinks the tumours. Once the two months have passed, another MRI will be done. Normally a CT scan is performed but because the tumours are hidden by the large veins, an MRI shows a clearer picture. So for now I will concentrate on the next 2 to 3 months ahead of me. I will march forward and go through the first procedure in a couple of weeks which is to have a device surgically implanted in my chest just above my left breast. This is called a port-a-cath. It is the port-hole of where and how the chemo will be administered. I have had this done before so it is somewhat comforting to know what to expect this time around. So I can add another new lovely little battle wound to my collection. (the last port was put on the right side of my chest and likely too much scar tissue to monkey around with, so we will put this new one on the left this time)

I guess that’s okay because I like to decorate with symmetry in mind.