A Princess Day…

Every day that I am here on Little Palm Island I feel like a princess. This is a place that I wouldn’t on any normal circumstance ever splurge or spend this kind of money on, no matter how beautiful. We are surrounded by people that live like this all of the time. I actually wonder if they forget how beautiful their surroundings are and simply take it for granted. I am tuned into everything.

Today we skipped breakfast and slept in. We headed down to the pool area for a late lunch which consisted of jumbo chilled shrimp and crab cakes. When you eat a vegetarian diet there are no rules except those that you make for yourself and while I am in the heartland of seafood, I am indulging, however I can’t let myself eat any four legged beings like those that visited us at our table today.

Two deer came right up to our table and one actually put his little head under Rick’s arm and looked up at him, like to say, come on mister just a little bite? These beautiful Key Deer are an endangered species with only 1000 left so it is a hefty fine if you feed them, etc. We took some photos of course.

As we were finishing up lunch I noticed a sign on the pool bar. Today’s drink special “Lifesaver”….. Yes, I ordered one.

Off we go to take a boat ride. Captain Rick is taking me out for a tour on a little Boston Whaler boat. He wasn’t impressed with it, because it had no speed at all. I was happy to just be out in the water and the sunshine. We saw many pelicans and tons of other birds and fish, but unfortunately no dolphins or manatees. The water has so many different colours of turquoise blue, just so beautiful.

After we returned our boat to the dock, Rick found himself a hammock and I found a beach chair for little siesta. We returned to our cabin and freshened up for dinner and to watch the sunset. Tomorrow the moon will be full, but it looks full tonight.

Dinner together was the most beautiful experience ever. Our table was right on the beach. The water was right there. I was wearing a long beachy, flowy dress, it was 80 degrees and the tiki torches were lit around us, candle on our table, the sound of the waves, the wildlife and I know I am missing some more descriptions, it was all I can say is “wow”, and barefoot toes in the sand too.  Mmmmm, heavenly.   Sunset was at 6:31 pm that night and as we ate our dinners, we could still see where the sun went down over the ocean. I think this was the first time I have seen an ocean sunset. The eternal heat or glow of the sun could still be seen at 9 pm. I thought to myself that that is exactly how I feel. Brightly lit within and even though things (cancer) darken my light sometimes, I do know that it’s there deep within me and it’s strong.

A male deer spooked me. It came right up to our table. He was much more agressive than the many females that we have been visited by. He just finished eating all the rose petals that were strewn along the beach for another group of diners. He had antlers too.

We are now day four with no television. Good for us! We feel so tuned out from the real world and it is so nice for a change. I am glad that Rick is able to detox from stresses at work. He works way too hard. Our last vacation was in 2005, so we are way over-due.

This is our last night on the island which I have now nick-named Fantasy Island. I just can’t believe that I am here, but I know I am. I am one of the luckiest girls ever!

We have arranged to meet the boat captain at 1:00 pm tomorrow to take us to the mainland. Part of me is sad that this fantasy is ending. I know that this is a place I will only visit once in my lifetime. The other part of me is excited to see where the rest of our vacation will take us.  All we know at this point is that the shrimp and crab is delicious, the deer has moved on to entertain another couple’s table, Rick looks absolutely handsome by the tiki torch light, the moon is huge and bright, I feel terrific, and I am so very happy that I am holding back tears.  I love my life!!!