I am okay…

I know it has been some time since my last post and I do apologize. Please do not worry, I will write soon. The last month has been… let’s say… and adjustment period… to a new reality. I am re-grouping, putting on my big girl panties and focusing on what is ahead with treatment. The first two rounds of chemo hit me hard with side effects and I just haven’t been myself or maybe I have put the emotional side of things to the side so that I could deal with the physical things first. I am still smiling and remaining positive, just took a litle time out. Thank you for your visit. I am thinking of you also.

I just want to close by reminding you to do something just for yourself today, like I did.

It was a small item on my bucket list, but a childhood treat that I wanted to re-do. Capt’n Crunch cereal for breakfast on a Satuday morning. Ahhhh, yummy!