Happy 42nd Birthday!

Today, Wednesday, May 9, 2012 is my 42nd birthday. I am so excited to be able to write today. I reflect on birthdays past, especially to the huge surprise 40th party that Rick arranged for me. At the time we didn’t know if that would be my last birthday.  It was a very emotional day.  Today isn’t much different, however I am working hard on being able to celebrate more birthdays with those that I love.

My mind has not changed focus. I CAN do this. This cancer thing. In fact part of my special day today was when my home care nurse came to to the door this afternoon to do the disconnect of the chemotherapy infusion pump that I have been hooked up to for 3 days. I just completeed chemo round three today. My hair is shedding, my face & chest is red, I am really tired…however on the bright side, I only threw up once this treatment despite the constant awful metal taste in my mouth and the constant burping, furball feel in my throat.

Today has been a very uplifting day, with a few visitors, Mom, my Godmother, a floral arrangement delivery from my sister, check ins from Rick while he is working, my dog C.J. by my side all day, several phone calls & many emails & facebook messages of birthday wishes.

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support and love.

Birthdays mean so much more than blowing out candles and eating too much birthday cake and ice cream.

Bring them on!

xo Karrie