Another roller coaster…

Well the meeting with my oncologist went better than anticipated. This is the up part of the roller coaster. She said the official report for the MRI wasn’t in yet, she did have a look at it on screen and advised that it looked as if one of the two tumours had disappeared and the other was shrinking. She called my liver surgeon to inquire whether to break from chemo because he didn’t want complete shrinkage before he operated. He said congratulations on the good news, his office will be in touch for a surgery consultation, tentative surgery date end of July, early August. The xrays on my arm/wrist/hand show that it’s full of arthritis which I’ve never had pain like this before or any pain there for that matter. We are chalking it up to chemo side effects.

Now the down part of the coaster. Four days later since receiving the news, my oncologist called to advise that both tumours have shrunk, but the one that we thought had disappeared is still there. It’s just in a tricky hidden spot deep within the back side of the liver. So it was decided that I head back to the chemo unit for 2 more rounds for now. That is where things stand today.

Mom and I went to London yesterday for chemo round 5, and today is day 2 of 3 for this round. Yep, I feel like crap and I threw up last night, I feel dehydrated and not hungry at all, but I am trying to push fluids via popsicles and smoothies to keep my strength up. I am taking antiemetics to treat the nausea, but my serontin levels must be pretty high and the anti-nausea pills don’t work very fast.

I am willing myself to try to sail through this round of chemo as my local Relay for Life is this Friday (2 days after I finish this round of chemo) and I plan to be there! I have worked so hard all year to raise pledges and to be able to attend the event to support my fellow survivors and especially to prove to my family & friends that I can do this because of their overwhelming support!

I especially want to thank Rick for checking my pulse and feeling my forehead every morning, putting cold cloths on my head and checking if I need anything on chemo days to make sure I’m doing okay.

I am so blessed.