The Medical Crap…

Yesterday I got a call…..have to go for another CT scan for lungs/chest tomorrow. I just had one on the 12th of July. Ughhhh!!!! When I got the results last week my doc told me she wasn’t concerned but then I mentioned to her that my armpit was sore, she examined me and determined that the lymph nodes in that area are swollen. (left side) She told me it was a good sign that they were sensitive to touch. This is happening on the opposite side of my continuous sore hand/wrist which she is also requesting an apppointment with a joint specialist but it takes quite some time to get a date set. I’ve dealt with my arm for almost 3 months now, so I can wait out that particular pain and I am getting good at eating with a fork with my left hand. I remind myself that I have a good doctor that doesn’t dismiss any complaints or lumps or bumps or feelings that I am experiencing and she doesn’t hesitate to order tests. I have learned to speak up about any thing because I am not a trained doctor and what I think might be minor, she may look at differently, which she does.

I guess a couple of benefits of dealing with cancer and chemotherapy treatment is that if a CT scan or MRI or Xray or whatever is needed I don’t have to wait long to get the actual test and one good bonus is that my hormones are out of wack and I’ve missed two periods. First time ever in my life. I appreciate the break in that department. So the little money I have saved in tampons I treated myself to some pretty nail art stickers and I’m going to pamper my feet and toes that carry me through this crazy journey! Look good, feel good! Sometimes it is just a state of mind.

I refuse to worry about the pending results because there isn’t a friggin’ thing I can do that will change anything and stress only feeds this monster. I woke up this morning of course with my chimpanzee inspired hair (very thin with bald patches and fuzzy) simply happy to breath deep comfortable, restful breaths and to be on the right side of the grass!

C’est la vie!!! Foot soak here I come!