Photos from 2012…

Thought I would share a few photos from 2012.  The feel good days.  Pictures say more than words sometimes. 

Hanging out with 2 of my nieces and 1 nephew who is also my God son.  We had a family bbq at my Mom and Step-Dad’s beach property that they call the Sand Box which is down in Erie Beach.  I spent many a hot summer day at several beaches in Lake Erie.  We were hunting for beach glass and  DeeDee and I took a time out for hugs.





My beautiful golden girl, my constant companion, my furbaby.  C.J. celebrated her 15th birthday this year and she is showing off her pretty new Christmas dress that my Aunt Elise gave to her.







My best friend Kim.  We met back in 1976.  We were in grade 2 and 6 years old.  We are now 42.  Where did the time go? She is my soul sister and our birthdays are exactly 1 week apart, born in May, our sign is Taurus.  We are strong like bull, determined and loyal to everyone we love!  She lives too far away in Kansas City, Missouri.  She came to visit me for Thanksgiving.  The date on the photo is not correct.  Check out my ball cap.  A gift from my cousin Rick, I promised him that I will LiveStrong!  I am sporting a hair piece that I pull through the hole in the back of the  hat for an instant pony tail to accomplish that ” I don’t look sick ” look.  I think I nailed it!

What can I say? 

I am a proud Mommy.







One of my favourite bandanas, leopard print and hair piece, look inspired by J.Lo.

M e o w !

I like my glow (tan) here.

I spent many a day hanging out by the pool on recovery days, which made up for the spend all day in bed weeks.

I go against tradition and love my black Christmas tree!  Why be normal?

Here a few of my favourite ornaments.













Fun with friends Sherrie & Wendy.  I used to work with both of them.  I met Wendy back in 1988, we both worked at UPS/United Parcel Service at the time.  We also worked together at Portrait Packages Inc. where we met Sherrie.  We were school photographers.  So these crazy gals came over one night for a girl’s night, jammie party/movie/treats, etc.  Wendy even brought a little tent and set it up in my living room.  We played dress up (lots of laughs) and they are each wearing one of my wigs. They chose their favourites and boy let me tell you these two ladies took on new personalities with their new hair! Yowzer!  Wendy (left) is wearing “Nikki” the fun one that is Rick’s favourite one.  Sherrie (centre) is wearing Eva, as in Longoria.  We had lots of laughs, we had fun, but we all secretly thought that Rick had much more fun hanging out with these three hot babes.  We included him in our jammie party, but Wendy laid down the rules as soon as she arrived.  She says to Rick… “you are welcome to join us, however it’s on our terms, you can’t touch the remote and you can’t choose what movie we watch, it’s girl’s night”.   She is little, but mighty!  Rick caved and Sherrie sweetened him up with the delicious home-made baked goodies that she brought with her. 

Look at me and my special visitor!  He let me ring his jingle bells.  How ironic that the day before this photo was taken, I had mentionned to Rick that I have never had my photo taken with Santa and surprise the man in red shows up to surprise me.  I am glad that I decided to wear red that day.  Merry Christmas 2012 !!!   Tis the season to be jolly! 

A few days after this photo was taken, I celebrated my 3 year survivorship!  That is the only gift I needed. 

Also, for reference, at the time of this photo, I had finished chemo 6 weeks prior and radiation would begin 2 weeks later on Dec. 28th. 

It was a rough year of treatment, and I keep bouncing back!    Good-bye 2012!!!!