Sharing Some Love…

Before I entered cancerland, I honestly thought I didn’t have many friends because I spent most of my time working and then most of my free time, working some more.  Of course working for a living is a necessity, but there has to be balance in our life.  How silly and ignorant was I?  I was just too busy to see all the beautiful people in my life. 

I periodically receive love notes of encouragement which makes all the difference in my recovery. Such beautiful words that keep me inspired. I often return to them to read them over and over.  After reading today’s post you will clearly understand how and why I came up with the name “Earth Angels” for my Relay For Life Team. 

I feel so guilty keeping these notes all to myself, so let me share some examples. (I have left the sender’s names anonymous to be respectful because I didn’t ask for permission to share) Let me pay it forward and allow me to inspire you to do something or say something to a special person in your life. I urge you not to wait for a traumatic event to do so, and for heaven sake, you are not too busy!   Our world needs more happy, happy, happy!

…     Hi my amazing friend,
just read your blog, made me sad, glad, laugh out loud, inspired…and thirst for the green drink in a wine glass,( no doubt! What else would I expect from you!)
Just amazing and thank you so very much for sharing. I do hope it helps you as well, because it is good “medicine” for those who love you and share the “path”
I will take extra doses of the vitamin P &F for you thru this time of recovery!


…    I always think about you and pray for you. Even though I haven’t seen you, you are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers!! You are the most inspirational person I know. I’m so happy that you have chosen to be so positive through all of this, I’m sure it’s doing you a world of good!! Keep fighting Karrie and I WILL see you soon!! I’ve realized that we all need to live for today and I’d like to start my new year trying to be as positive as you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me…you know I always looked up to you as kids and I still do. Thanks for being you!!! Merry Christmas Karrie, I love ya!!

…  I too read your blog and want you to know what a strong, amazing and inspirational woman you are!!! I think of you often and I sincerely hope you and Rick have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2013!! Take care and best wishes always. Hugs

…  You are in my prayers on a very regular basis and now it is nice to add a praise with the continuing request!! God Bless You Karrie and I hope you have the best Christmas ever!! Thanks so much for sharing your struggles and your victories!! HUGS!!!!!

…  I spoke with your Aunt today and she said you had a bout of the sickies with your chemo.  I hope you are feeling better now…..I have been reading all your writing and dear girl you have a way with the english language, I can see things that you so vividly and lovingly describe. Amazing…I admire your ability to let go of your inhabitions and lay it all out as it really is.  Keep fighting, thinking of you

… You’re an Angel!  Okay kiddo…again amazing. Thanks for sharing! I do hope you are publishing a book, because you do have amazing words sent from your heart.  Lots of love and prayers are sent your way.

…   Karrie, Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you.  I was glad I just happened to take the time to get on your blog today.  You are always in my thoughts, my heart, and in my prayers.  You are an amazing woman and and inspiration to many of us.  Hope to see you soon!

…  Hi Karrie,  I have been meaning to touch base with you for a while now.  I’m not sure where you are with your chemo but am thinking you must be coming up to the end of it again.  I hope you’re doing well – I haven’t seen you in what seems like a very long time.  I guess I’m missing your smiling face and my hug!   Take care.

…   Dear Karrie,  I met Rick today and what a prince of a guy, (as you well know).  He told me about your blog and here I am.  It’s getting close to 11:00 p.m. so it’s short and sweet.  I’m so glad you had such a good trip and are gearing up for the fight.  I think of you often and wish you a universe and more of good luck!  You have “touched” me more than you know!!!!!!!

…  Hi Karrie:  I don’t even know what to say…except you’re always in my thoughts and prayers. You are an inspiration to me and to so many with your positive attitude. Little Palm Island sounds like a dream-so happy that you & Rick experienced that! Love you Karrie! xoxo

…   you are amazing!  Karrie – Your fighting spirit is awe inspiring! I know you can beat this horrible disease because the world needs people like you in it. You inspire the rest of us to appreciate each and every day! Know that you are loved.

…   Prayers…sorry to hear this..l just messed up the message typing thru my tears..Karrie l hold you in my prayers for the highest and best healing..Rick l have not forgotten you either. Hugs to you both.

…  Hi Karrie….just read your blog, .it was… ya …How do you do it! I admire your energy and spirit and your humour…way to go girl…You give so many people who read the blog,…  its so amazing to read and gives a great look-out on life and the situations we are faced.. and not to feel sorry for ourselves!!! WOW!!!   I’m going to send all my prayers and lucky pennies and what all I can wish for your quick recovery my friend!  Let me know if you like to have Tea?  or company for one of those visits to London?  Take Care my friend!

…   positive thoughts are with you along with much love.  Hugs & kisses sent your way.
love you,

…   Rick and Karrie,  … about your bad news. I’m so glad to hear you are taking time together in March and Karrie will think about her next decision. We just do not understand what we are going to be faced with next. I guess someday we will all look back on this and know the answer, but for right now nothing could be more frightenting and disappointing, and yet I believe something much greater will happen for the good. Out of all adversity comes the light of Love and healing. That night we were at dinner I saw something special glowing in a smile sitting across the table from me and my girls. It was the real Karrie, not one of your girlfriends with a different wig.  That was all fun, but we all know the real Karrie and her smile lit up the room. Karrie, no matter your decision we are with you in spirit always. Our Lord can move mountains, he can make blind men see, he can raise the dead to life, and he could also heal Karrie, so with that being said, I will continue my prayer each and every day for that miracle.  You two have a wonderful time together in March and we will be here doing our part.  We love you both.

…   Hi Karrie I cannot believe your nightmare has returned!  However I know how strong and determined you are and with your super attitude I know you can win this fight again. You are an amazing young woman and an inspiration to so many people. There really is no justice.  Please keep on doing what you are doing and know that there are a lot of people following your progress and are definitely in your corner!!!  Sincerest best wishes.  xo

…   I pray for you and your family and all who have to deal with what you are going through,I pray that you will get better soon and to see that beautiful smile of yours:)Be strong don’t let it take over! Hugs to you 🙂

…   Just letting you know that my prayers are with you in this trying time. Hoping that your treatments will bring positive results and that you will regain your health.

…   Hi Karrie,  So happy to see you are back!  I have thought of you often over the summer and hoped you were having the time of your life!  By chance I checked your blog today and boy was it worth it to see your entry from your check up. Yahoo!!  That is awesome news you are doing awesome. It was nice to see you at the resort BBQ.  Jean keeps me up to speed on you and I am one of your cheerleaders you didn’t know you had. Keep kicking ass girl to are a huge inspiration!  Thinking about you and sending healing healthy vibes your way!!

…    I’m not sure if you will remeber me or not but I am one of ___’s cousins and I remember you as one of her friends growing up.   In any event, I had to write because I was touched by your story and to just say, stay strong–we are all praying for you.   I too will be walking in the Relay for Life.  This year is my fourth year (Crazy for a Cure is our team name).  I cannot explain how much it means to me and the emotion of the event.  My reason for walking is different than yours–I walk for my family members and friends, but also because so many people like you are fighting, and I want to help in the fight somehow.   There are so many people and so many stories.  I hope you take strength in knowing others are there for you.  Stay strong and GO GETTUM’. 

…   Hi Karrie! I’m your dad’s cousin.. I just heard about your starring role in the “War Against Cancer” and I already know how that battle will end! You WILL survive & thrive!  How do I know that?  Because you’re a descendant of the Hogue/Roy Clan and we ALWAYS win our battles!  My mother had 15 kids. At age 82 she was diagnosed with 5 months to live after a tumour was discovered attached to her tonsil and her tongue. Because of its location, surgery was not an option. To ease the side-effects of chemo,  our mom agreed to add high amounts of essential glyconutrients to her food intake. Five months later she was cancer-free! Our mom eventually passed away  at home, of natural causes 2 years later. In every battle, there are always some who survive! If I were a betting woman, I’d take odds on the Hogues and the Roys as survivors every time! To win…  don’t give up and don’t give in!
P.S. I love the humour you inject in your writing!  You’d fit right in with my family…we ALL have  a wacky sense of humour and we love puns! So…keep them coming!
Karrie… you’re in our thoughts & prayers and you’re not alone!
hugs & kisses

You are a very brave woman, I am honored to know you. You inspire me – keep up the good fight!

…   Love reading your updates.  It’s nice for you to not have to say the same thing over and over again to so many caring friends and family.  I do have one issue, however.  What’s that crap about not sure if you’ll be here next year for the relay?  Fuck that attitude!!! You just focus on kicking the shit outta the Big C.  Don’t wanna hear those negative thoughts from you ever again. Give Rick a hug from me.  I’m sure he could use a few.  Luv ya,

…   What a GREAT way for all of us who Love you, Rick & CJ to be with you. Thanks for caring about us enough to share your intimate treatment & responses. This indeed has helped me understand & cope with the facts about Colon Cancer , but I only wish that I wasn’t learning this from you experiencing it.


…   I am in awe of you my childhood friend….despite all that you continue to deal with, you remain optimistic, energetic and so kindhearted and thoughtful. You are truly an inspiration to all those whose life you have touched. I believe that there is still so much work for you, and that you will be a survivor. Many prayers and much love to you Karrie


…  Hello there my sweet cancer-fighting friend.  Just finished reading about having your niece visit you this past August and I was in tears, wanting to hold you so desperately. Oh Karrie, how I wish I could take the cancer away, make you to have not been thru what you have had to go thru for so long—on the other hand your strength, determinedness and fighting ability is beyond my wildest imagination. If you only knew how much I think about you, I would love to see you again soon. Let me hear from you babe….all my love.