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Switch or Savour?…

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I was keeping myself occupied on Facebook this morning and I stumbled across this article that really resonated with me.  I read it over a few times because it completely described how I feel when I write on my blog.  It’s all about taking a time out, to savour the task we are doing, whether it be taking a bubble bath, or simply enjoying a warm beverage or in this case it touched on the task of writing.  I couldn’t have explained it better, so here it is, I’ve copied it to share with you so you will understand how healing it is for me to write and I hope this article also inspires you to savour at least one thing each and every day.

When we savour, we take this task of writing, and we slow down.  We give the task some space–no switching quickly to the next thing.  We pay attention to it and find the enjoyable aspects of it.  And actually, there are enjoyable aspects to any activity, if we slow down and pay attention.  When we savour, we notice these things, and fully enjoy them.  We bask in the moment of doing, and let ourselves soak in it’s pleasure.  So instead of switching to something else, we sit there with the writing.  We notice our urge to switch and let it go —- after all, we’re savouring this, so we just can’t switch!  We think of other things we need to do, and let them go too.  We’re savouring here. “

This is my favourite part of the quote……

“And we just do the writing, and we notice how our fingers feel as they move over the keys, and enjoy the pouring of our thoughts onto the screen, and notice our breathing, our shoulders, our jaw, our legs, our feet, as we sit and write.  We know that many people are not lucky enough to be able to do something so luxurious as writing, as so we are grateful for this moment, however fleeting.”