The Liver & Emotions…

This is an interesting thing that I read today, thought I would share.

” The liver is a doorway into our emotional library. Unexpressed or denied emotions have the ability to shut down important liver functions. Watch for emotions that surface when working on the liver…. anger is a typical emotion to pop up. More than any other organ , the liver is affected by negative thoughts and feelings. Anger, hate, rage, fear, jealousy, resentment, depression, self pity, self unforgiveness, self rejection, self bitterness, and hopelessness have a powerfully detrimental impact on the liver.”

Wow, good thing I vented last week when I was angry. I guess I am doing something right by releasing my anger through my fingertips. Those words hit home when I read them, considering I had just finished going through that high dose radiation. Guess the vapor had to escape somewhere so both my liver and I could start to heal again.

No worries, no self pity or hatred here. I love me and looking forward to better healthy days. I haven’t gone through all this hardship to give up now!!!