Time to rise…

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These photos are taken after surgery only a few days apart. I am motivated to heal yet again.

Sorry they are not ride side up, I honestly have no patience to figure out how to rotate them, it’s good to stretch your neck anyway 🙂

Photo #1 — Taken the morning after surgery.  I look and feel like I was hit by a train.  Not sure why my face is swollen, fat nose, coming off the narcotics, I don’t do well with drugs, I prefer to have my wits about me so I come off them cold turkey and just switch to Tylenol for a few days.  Sorry Rick, I won’t be providing entertainment with my hallucination stories induced by morphine.

Photo #2 — Sorry it’s kinda gross, bandages are off!! Yucky swollen belly.  The staples provide the track for the train that just hit me.  Or should I say ” f___ you cancer”?  My sister says I should leave a few staples in around my belly button and hang some bling from them.  This is the 3rd time doctors have used this scar to cut through, my poor belly button used to be cute, not any more.  My youngest niece Kennedy (4 yrs old) saw my yuck.  She says to her big sister, “don’t hug Kucka (aka Aunt Karrie) too tight, because she has lines on her tummy”.

 Photo #3 — What’s by my neck?  That is the port-a-cath that is under my skin that is usually used for chemotherapy treatment.  I am getting I.V. fluids through this portal instead.  My arm & hand veins don’t always co-operate any more.  Thanks Mom and friend Anne for bringing in a little pumpkin decoration cheer.  Feeling more like myself this day.