Sharing A Moment…



Date of Event: Mar 11


I have had a house guest for a couple of weeks. Her name is Maggie, but I call her Maggie Monkey Moo Moo. When she gets excited, she sounds like a cute little monkey. She is my Mom’s furbaby, a little white ball of fluff, a Maltese Poodle mix, complete with two little pony tails to keep her bangs away from her eyes. It has been a nice treat for me to have some life back into the house. I miss my furbaby companion terribly and it was so nice to share cuddles and snuggles with Maggie while my Mom and my step-Dad vacationed in Florida.


Weird encounters happen to me often. So much that I had to stop asking myself why and just accept them as gifts. Let me tell you… I get goosebumps a lot.


Maggie and I were out for a little walk. We were walking down a quiet street in an industrial area with no traffic at the time. A couple of large warehouse buildings and empty parking lots surrounded us. Approaching in our direction was a young man on his bicycle, perhaps in his early 20’s. The moment I spotted him I had my guard up. He was weaving side to side and pedalling slowly, it seemed very strange to me so I watched him closely. Maggie was just happy to be out walking and was not affected in any way, no barking, no apprehension, just tail wagging excitement to continue pulling me forward with her. I too was enjoying the warmer winter day we were experiencing. The young man slowly continued his way toward us, looking down at the ground periodically, still weaving. My subconscious suspicion must have grown into a strange facial expression toward him because he looked at me like he was studying me. Strange. I am a smiley kind of gal, but didn’t feel like one for some reason. I must have looked back at him funny, I don’t recall. As I’m thinking to myself, that my plan is to keep watching this guy over my shoulder to ensure our safety, I hear him utter a comment from behind me. He states in a low mumble… “just looking for my cell phone.” Okay, now I understand why he was riding weird. I usually think positive thoughts before negative ones, but immediately I think to myself, poor guy, that would totally suck to lose your phone, good luck buddy. So I turn around and watch him a little. He continues to weave and look, weave and look, but just sticks to the road and not looking on either side of the road. Within seconds, I hear a loud “woo hoo” from him. Maggie and I stop, turn around and here is this guy, standing in a pile of snow, next to a fire hydrant holding up his phone. “I found it! Holy shit, he shouted”. I couldn’t believe it either, what are the chances and how long had he been looking for it, how many streets, holy shit is right!


I shrug my shoulders and my uneasiness escapes me. I am not concerned for my safety any more, I am relaxed and enjoying the fresh air, our walk and the victorious moment for this guy. He passes by us, returning to the direction he had come from initially. He didn’t look at us, just kept riding by on his merry way. But as he passed us, he says to me “I’m thanking you for that!”.


I’m like inside my head, wondering how I could have contributed to his success, after all I was projecting negative energy. Then it donned on me instantly. I was wearing my Earth Angel shirt. Duh, he was looking at me funny when he first passed us because he was reading my shirt! He must believe in angels too! It was a win win situation for both of us. He found his phone and I was politely reminded by the powers that be that I should be my more positive self. Guess I needed a gentle reminder that afternoon. Message received!