My Survivor Type…

I recently read this neat book titled The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood.  One chapter really resonated with me and it really confirmed my journey and how I have chosen to travel it.  I knew it was just my internal instinct, the traits that make me, me.  To see it in words however, was pretty cool. 

What type of survivor are you?    

The Fighter

The Believer

The Connector

The Thinker

The Realist

Now I do know that all survivors have some of the above traits, but the one that most stand out for me is… I am a CONNECTOR!

“When you’re a Connector, you overcome incredible adversity with the power of your relationships and bonds with other people.  You are deeply devoted to your family and friends.  Your love for your parents, your spouse or partner, children, and friends motivates you to tackle enormous obstacles.  You know that your family and friends depend on you and need you.  You hold these relationships sacred, and you will go to any lengths to protect and preserve them.  You draw strength from these primary relationships and often rely on support groups or social networks to help you through difficult times.  You’re able to lean on others for aid, and you know how to reach beyond your regular circle of friends to find the help you need.  You’re a good networker who makes the most of your connections.  You often feel great empathy for others who are struggling.  You take care of other people before you take care of yourself.  You’re good at reading strangers and situations.  You know how to get along with others.  You play well on teams and work effectively with others to get things done.  You survive because of your powerful bonds.  You would endure anything — and do everything — for the people you love.  Above all, you’re a Connector!”