Celebrating Just Because…


Do you know this handsome guy?  If you don’t, you are missing out, so please allow me to share him. Today I am celebrating him just because I feel like it and it’s on my “want to” list today.  He was the first person in my life to really push my buttons, to make me so agitated to the point of no return.  What’s really amazing is that I now realize that the little boy verson of him was really a precious gift to me.  I didn’t know it then, in fact I admit I really didn’t like him very much when we were little because we had such different energy levels.  I have come to realize now as an adult and reflecting back on our childhood that because he showered me with is high intense energy it really tested my relaxed, calm way of being.  It was him, many years ago that taught me what I was actually made of, how much patience and pain I could really endure.  I now know that I am not just made of sugar’n spice and everything nice, but I can allow anger and stubborness and warrior state of living to fuel my energy to fight to live and still be a loving, open, kind woman.  It was he that helped me see that inside me.

By the time he grew taller than me, I stopped butting heads and ignoring him, I decided to embrace his extra energy and starting loving the person that I was lucky enough to witness transform from an annoying little blonde boy, to a driven young man who always will “live for the moment”.  I envy his spirit!  Now as grown adults, we have each other’s backs.  It was he and his wife Michelle that gifted me with the title of “Aunt” for the first time and to show his love for me, he chose me to be Godmother to his first born, my nephew Austin, now 12 yrs old.

I am so proud to call him mine.  He didn’t need me to set any examples of how to behave, he did alright on his own.  We made a great team back then, stealing cookies from the cupboard and tying the package up very perfectly so that it still looked brand new from the grocery store, and sneaking Dad’s pocket change from his bedside table while he was sleeping.  I have to say we make an ever better team now!  I’m never afraid to express my feelings and I am very proud to call this wonderful guy MINE!  My one and only baby brother… Dave Roy.